Map Projected Browse ImageClick on image for larger versionThis image focuses on small channels formed on the floor of the much larger Kasei Valles, one of the largest outflow channels on Mars.The enormous floods that formed such channels sometimes flowed around either side of topographic rises forming islands with a streamlined shape. The channels in this image are located on the trailing edge of such a formation (white shaded box). The small channels formed linear coalescing pits, perhaps by ground ice sublimating into the atmosphere leaving the surface material to collapse. Much of the remaining material seems to be made up of easily eroded sediments likely deposited by the floodwaters, which have subsequently formed dunes inside the channels.Kasei extends almost…
This image acquired on August 29, 2022 by NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows two cross-cutting depressions that may have been formed by the collapse of weak terrain along pre-existing faults.
The HVM³ instrument sits in a JPL clean room in early December 2022. The instrument was built at JPL then shipped to Lockheed Martin Space in Colorado to be integrated with NASAs Lunar Trailblazer spacecraft.
The side of the High-resolution Volatiles and Minerals Moon Mapper (HVM³) is seen as the instrument gets unwrapped in a clean room. The JPL-developed imaging spectrometer was later integrated with NASAs Lunar Trailblazer spacecraft.
Engineers work on the JPL-developed High-resolution Volatiles and Minerals Moon Mapper (HVM³) for NASAs Lunar Trailblazer spacecraft in a clean room at Lockheed Martin Space in Littleton, Colorado, in December 2022.
NASAs Terra spacecraft shows the small Hebridean island of Eriskay, Scotland.
NASAs NEO Surveyor is seen in this illustration against an infrared observation of a starfield made by the agencys WISE mission.